Sticky Monkey Cocktail ? ?

LV Sticky Monkey Cocktail

Sticky Monkey Cocktail ? ?

This little cocktail emerged during a recent heat wave. After purchasing 20 lbs. of Cara Cara oranges at Costco, I felt compelled to mix up a thirst-quenching, yet hydrating liquid massage for my mind to greet the weekend with a splash.

On a side note, even though this cocktail is loaded with vitamin C, don’t attempt to justify several, lest you end up with a very acidic-feeling hangover the next day…

Enjoy Responsibly!  🙂

Le Voov! Sticky Monkey Cocktail


3 – 4 freshly squeezed Cara Cara oranges

2 – 4 shots of quality rum, such as Appleton or Mount Gay

2 shots of Cointreau

A heavy splash of Pelligrino water to taste




Place all ingredients in a shaker with crushed ice. Shake with vigor for 30-seconds or so. Pour into tall glasses and top off with a healthy dose of Pelligrino water. Garnish with a few large wedges of Cara Cara oranges. If you possess a fun, creative straw, we encourage you to express your inner-primate and let loose… ?


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