Le Voov! Derby Mint Julep ? ? ? ?

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Le Voov! Derby Mint Julep ? ? ? ?

Every year on the first Saturday in May we throw our annual Kentucky Derby Party to celebrate a West Coast version of the Run For The Roses. We honor the many traditional aspects of this southern event, including an extravagant California version of the ladies Parade of Hats that would make the fellas in the San Francisco Castro scream, yip and holler with delight!

In keeping with tradition, we also have frosty mint juleps flowing promptly at 2 PM. However, as you may have suspected, my need to add a personal bit of Le Voov! originality, I put a little twist on the traditional julep….


Le Voov! Derby Mint Julep

Serves 6 (lightly)


  • 2 cups high-quality Kentucky bourbon whiskey such as Maker’s Mark or Bulleit
  • 1 cup simple sugar (1 cup superfine sugar fully dissolved in 1 cup boiling water)
  • 20 – 30 sprigs of fresh mint
  • Crushed ice


To be made 1-day in advance of party: Place 12 – 15 freshly rinsed mint sprigs at the bottom of a cocktail shaker and muddle with 1-cup of quality bourbon for 2-minutes to ‘bruise’ the mint properly. Add a second cup of bourbon and transfer mint/bourbon mixture to an air-tight glass mason-style jar and place into the refrigerator overnight.

Note: If you are using home-grown mint, I suggest picking your sprigs when the plant is in the mid-day sunshine to maximize aroma and flavor.

On Derby day prepare your glasses (silver preferred, but glass will do in a pinch) with crushed ice and a fresh sprig of mint. Add 1-shot of mint-infused bourbon to the bottom of each glass, covering with 1-shot of simple sugar. Stir gently and sip the gloriousness as the mint tickles your sinuses with delight!

Le Voov! Helpful Hints:

  • The first sip might be a bit harsh if ones palette is not accustom to the bold taste of Kentucky bourbon. So, I strongly suggest quickly ingesting a second sip and reveling in the juleps bright, smooth flavor.
  • Mind yourself by making every effort not to spill or splash upon other equally enthusiastic observers of the greatest two-minutes in sports! ‘And they’re off…!

Cheers!!!  🙂

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