Otter-Pop’s K-9 Social Club ?

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Le Voov! Garden – Planting Bulbs With Otter!

Otter-Pop the dog really enjoys the flowers of springtime, particularly the Daffodils and Narcissus. With the lack of winter temperatures or rain due to California’s forth year of severe drought, planting season came earlier than usual this year. So, I picked up a bag of 50-bulbs for Otter-Pop to decorate throughout the garden.

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LV Blog Fort Fun FF

Fort Fun Dog Park With Otter! ?

Fort Funston, located in the southwestern end of San Francisco, is one of Otter’s favorite places to meet up with other dogs and run freely through the sand dunes off-leash. on a given day, thousands of dogs visit to frolic in this decommissioned military defense site on the wind-swept coastal hills in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA).

Once a harbor defense site and Nike Misile launching site during the cold war, the salty air now is slowly reclaiming remnants of abandoned artillery battery stations and old access roads.

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The Sock Burglar Strikes Again…! ?

When I leave the house, Otter will go into our bedroom and steal a sock or two out of the laundry hamper to sleep with it until I return. She licks the socks, rolls on them, and plays with them, finally cuddling them underneath her like a little puppy while she completes one of many daily-napping cycles.

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Otter-Pop’s Squeaky-Ball Drama… ? ?

You know something is desperately wrong when your 70-lbs. Chocolate Labrador/German Shorthaired Pointer pup climbs into your unsuspecting lap and gives you this look. Something truly dreadful has happened and they need your help. NOW!!!

During a recent construction project at the house, an abandoned heater vent was discovered tucked deep under the lath & plaster. Apparently no one had bothered to inform the dog about this new gaping whole in the wall, and just guess what happened…?

Yep, Otter-Pop’s favorite and most cherished toy, her obnoxious yellow squeaky-ball, found it’s way down into that naughty hole in the wall. Rats! ?

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Exploring Pulgas Ridge Preserve! ? ?

Our dog Otter-Pop and I enjoy exploring the many open space preserves we have surrounding us in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a gorgeous spring day, we went to bang out a 6-mile run at Pulgas Ridge Preserve in San Carlos, California.

Pulgas Ridge Open Space is a well managed 293-acres preserve that has a variety of trails and an expansive ‘Off-leash’ area for our K-9 pals to mingle and romp together. Some of the trails are quite rigorous, while others are paved fire roads, which make for great accessibility for people of all sizes, ages and abilities. Otter-Pop and I frequent the Dusky-footed Woodrat Trail on a very regular basis. This preserve is closed to bike riding, so you don’t need to fear getting blown off the trail by some yahoo screaming around a blind turn. All of these amenities lead to a peaceful, relaxing experience beneath the quiet, shady trees.

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Someone, who shall remain nameless,

impersonating the Easter bunny!


Otter-Pop Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Spring…



Crouching Tiger, Sleeping Leprechaun…

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