Guess Where I Am…? ?


Guess Where I Am…? ?

When attempting to photograph a troop of Rhesus Macaque monkeys in the wild, always keep a watchful eye on the dominant male of the harem…

This naughty little monkey climbed my long braid just like it was a jungle vine and mounted my head, while whooping loudly. I’d swear all the female monkeys in the troop were laughing with delight.

The photograph above was taken in the hot, steamy jungles of Bali, Indonesia. I feel like a part of my heart was left there. The lovely people, the wildlife, the incredible scenery, the dancing, the elaborate ceremonies, the absolutely amazing food, all still call to me in my dreams. I suppose there is only one option before me. I’ll need to return back there again. Only this time I’m going with the man of my dreams, Brian!  ?  ?  ?


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