Le Voov! Hot Lips Martini ? ?

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Le Voov! Hot Lips Martini ? ?

Along with the hot days of summer, we all need an icy cool cocktail now and then to enjoy. This lovely mixture came about by sheer laziness during a recent heat wave. Early in the morning, I had made myself an energizing, freshly squeezed juice in my Breville Juicer (available at our Le Voov! Amazon Store) after hitting a local farmer’s market. Usually, I’m fairly religious about cleaning my juicer right away, because it’s a real pain the rear to scrub if the pulp dries to the inside of the ridiculously sharp grinder blades.

Any who, I realized at the end of a long, hot work day that the damn juicer was still staring at me, with all the pretty pulp now defiantly clinging to the extremely sharp grinder blades. Rats! ? Maybe even double rats!!!! ? ?!

So I decided the best point of attack was to juice another cucumber through the juicer to loosen things up a bit. Then I threw half a jalapeño into the juicer just for fun…

At this point, the mixologist in me began to shine and I created the Hot Lips Martini. And just for the record, cleaning the juicer after consuming this martini was a breeze, I think…. Cheers! ? ?

Le Voov! Hot Lips Martini ? 


2 – 4 shots of high quality vodka
Juice from 8-inches of cucumber (*Requires a juicer)
½ fresh jalapeño, seeded & put through juicer with cucumber
2-shots of simple sugar
Freshly squeezed juice from one lime


Place all ingredients into shaker with scoop of crushed ice. Shake vigorously for 15-seconds, pour & consume immediately! I enjoy floating a few thinly sliced, multicolored hot peppers on top for those of us that prefer a bit of spicy heat with our martini… Hello Hot Lips!!!!  Please enjoy responsibly…! ?


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