Papaya & Banana Salad

Papaya Banana Salad

Papaya & Banana Salad

As the warm days of summer are upon us, this Papaya & Banana Salad is the perfect ‘go-to’ dish to beat the heat. Inspired by our many lovely times on the Mayan Rivera along the Gulf of Mexico, a few wedges of lime add a perfectly refreshing zing to this nutrient-rich salad. It’s also quick and easy to prepare which makes it a real winner in my book!


1 Papaya

2 – 4 bananas

3 – 5 limes



Slice up the papaya and bananas. Place in a bowl and squeeze the juice of 2 – 3 limes over the top and serve with a few extra lime wedges.

See, I told you. Quick, easy and delicious! Enjoy!  🙂


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