Raspberry Ginger Snap

Rasp Ginger Snap

Raspberry Ginger Snap

Several decades ago I began exploring the art of infusing various fruit and herbal mixtures with spirits. It started innocently enough with a simple curiosity to find a way to blend the medicinal anti-inflammatory qualities of the ginger root with the anti-oxidants in wild berries. Wah-lah, the Raspberry Ginger Snap was born!

  • 1 ½ cups fresh organic raspberries, pureed
  • 4-inch piece of ginger root, pureed
  • 4 cups high quality, clean tasting vodka (such as Skyy)
  • 1 cup simple sugar (1 cup superfine sugar fully dissolved in 1 cup boiling water)

Place raspberries, ginger and vodka into blender. Blend on ‘frappe’ for 2-minutes. (A word of Le Voov! wisdom, remember to put the top on the blender to avoid decorating the ceiling with this colorful, sticky concoction. Ah, the voice of experience….!!! 😉)

Once ingredients are fully blended, place into an air-tight glass jar. Shake the jar daily to keep the groups mingling their individual flavors. After 2-weeks, strain through cheese clothe to remove pulp. Place infused liquid into a shaker, add simple sugar to taste along with a few ice cubes and shake with vigor for about 30-seconds. Pour into pretty glasses and top with a refreshing splash of ice cold Pellegrino or other mineral water. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

The juxtaposition of the tart raspberries and the hot, spicy ginger make for a wonderfully healthy dance party on your palate. Achy joints and free-radicals be gone! Yummmm!
Le Voov! Side Note: If you are thinking I’m crazy to suggest you wait 2-weeks for a few incredible cocktails, I appreciate your Voovacious mindset. Please feel free to double, triple or quadruple this recipe so as to keep those aching joints and toxins at bay… 😉

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