Cara Cara-tini Fizz ? ?

Caracara Tini

Cara Cara-tini Fizz ? ?

For those of you unfamiliar with the fabulously juicy, seedless Cara Cara navel orange, it is the physical embodiment of Le Voov! Both it’s deep-reddish-pink flesh and the sweet, succulent citrus flavor will make you a believer in heavenly delights. Containing only half the acidity of a traditional navel orange, Cara Cara’s are the perfect cocktail mixer. As one sips the juice of this deep-hued citrus, subtle hints of cherry and blackberry tones can be noted lingering on the back of the palate. The dynamic, complex flavor makes this fruit a perfectly adventurous choice for dipping in chocolate fondue! (We’ll talk about that later….)

Cultivated in Venezuela in the 1970’s, the Cara Cara is now a well-known favorite among foodies whom have access to these spherical wonders. Happily, the Cara Cara season is December – April and they grow very well here in California!


Le Voov! Cara Cara-tini Fizz

Serves 2

  • 2 – 3 Fresh Cara Cara oranges (make sure they are firm, but not ridiculously hard. Good, fairly universal color usually indicates the best fruit.)
  • 2 – 4 shots high quality, clean tasting vodka (such as Skyy)
  • 1 – 2 shot Cointreau (orange flavored liqueur) or Triple Sec
  • Splash of Pellegrino or other mineral water (2 – 3 oz), NOT soda or tonic water because they contain sodium which significantly changes the flavor.

Use a citrus juicer to extract juice from Cara Cara oranges. We use the Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer available through our Amazon Store (please see Product Review section) or use our hand squeezer. In a martini shaker with ice, place fresh Cara Cara orange juice and pulp, add vodka and Cointreau at a 2:1 ratio. Shake gently and pour into two chilled martini glasses. Finish with a topper of Pellegrino or other mineral water. Garnish with thinly sliced Cara Cara and blood oranges as a sidecar on the edge of the glass as shown in photograph.

Enjoy the succulent Cara Cara oranges for the short season they are available my friends… Cheers! 🙂

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