Bee Cause…! September ?

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Bee Cause…! September ?

I Absolutely Love This Quote!

‘Unique among all creatures, only the honeybee improves the environment and preys not on any other species…’
                                                                         – Royden Brown

Ten Fun Facts About Honeybees!

  1. Honeybees, scientifically known as Apis mellifera (meaning honey-carrying bee), have been buzzing around on earth for over 30-million years. Humans and honeybees have had a long and loyal relationship for thousands of years. Honeybees are the only insect that create/produce food we eat. ?
  1. Honey is the only food that contains everything necessary to sustain life, including water, enzymes, minerals and vitamins. Honey also contains a very powerful antioxidant called pinocembrin, which is associated with improving brain function. ?
  1. Honey is a substance that never spoils. Of the many large containers of honey found in Egyptian tombs, all is still edible, even after thousands of years…! ?
  1. There are more than 20,000 species of bees on earth, yet only 4 of those species make honey… ?
  1. A honeybee’s teeny tiny wings beat over 190 times per second or approximately 12,000 time in a given minute. ?
  1. An average active beehive will produce close to 400 lbs. of honey per year. ?
  1. Honeybees access one of the most complex languages of any species on earth. They dance, they sing (buzz), and they produce pheromones (scents) to communicate with each other. ?
  1. A single hive has three types of bees, a queen, workers and drones. An industrious worker bee will visit up to 2000 flowers between sunrise and sunset. However, since she can’t carry all that pollen at once on her tiny little body, she’ll visit 75 – 100 flowers before returning to the hive. She will forage within 2 – 3 miles of her home, repeating these round trip flights all day long. Sadly, a diligent, hard-working forager will work herself to death in approximately 21-days. ?
  1. Honeybees never sleep! ?
  1. Honeybees are credited with pollinating more than 80% of all the vegetable, fruit and seed crops produced within the United States. That’s a huge responsibility and absolutely vital to our very existence. ?


So, as I understand it, a honeybee hive is similar to a rave party, Burning Man, or a Grateful Dead concert in that you have thousands of cooperative members working towards a common cause of nurturing sweetness, communicating by dancing, singing and pheromones, and they’re all buzzed….  🙂

                        Stay Calm & Buzz On….!


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