Bee Cause…! June ?

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Bee Cause…! June ?

Ah the gentle hum of the blooming privet trees filled with happy bees!

Every summer our Privet trees create a wondrous foraging ground for our local pollinators. I enjoy sitting in the garden, sipping my tea, and listening to the concert of deep buzzing produced by all the happy bees. It’s amazing to see the variety of winged beings these trees attract with their sweet scent. We see a dynamic blend of wild bees, bumblebees and various honeybees all happily humming away the day with their legs loaded heavy with pollen. During this time of year, our yard is alive with activity from sun up to sun down!

During the hot, summer months bees gather the pollen they will need to survive through the cold winter months. In our garden, we have planted trees and plants that flower throughout the year to supplement the seasonal needs of our pollinators. We also keep several shallow saucers filled with tiny rocks and fresh water for our thirsty little bees to access when water is scarce. We all need to set our struggling bees up to thrive!  ???


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