Bee Cause…! ?

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Bee Cause…! ?

Bee Calm & Buzz On… ???

Bees, as well as other pollinators (bats, hummingbirds, butterflies/moths, etc.) are in serious peril these days as a result of the many compounding issues challenging their survival. Every year, we bolster our garden with pollen-producing, nectar-rich plants to ensure our local pollinators remain fortified, fat and happy! (Honestly, there is nothing better than smiling little bees with their legs packed with pollen, buzzing about the yard in bliss!)

Ever since I was a child I have held an untamed fascinated with bees. As a little kid, I had the unfortunate genetics for an allergic reaction to bee stings.  At the bright age of five, I decided to apply catholic school-yard rationale to my negative ‘issues’ with bees. So, one sunny morning during the summer, I went out into the backyard of my parent’s home and embarked on a no-nonsense-approach to making my peace with bees forever.

Subsequently, in the following days, I was stung by justifiably terrified bees on 3-separate occasions. Each sting directly on the palm of my left hand. Upon the third trip to our pediatrician’s office, my Mother asked me why I thought I was getting stung so many times in the last week on my little palm…? I answered her in my ‘big-girl-voice’ and announced that I just loved bees and no longer wished to be allergic to them! ? ?

After the words left my mouth, my Mother began to laugh so uncontrollably that she was forced to pullover our metallic blue Ford ‘Country Squire’ because she literally was blinded by tears of laughter. It was on that day she bestowed upon me the title of  both ‘Beecharmer’ and ‘Queen-Bee-of-the-Universe’.

Apparently, those words were quite impactful because to this day I make it a point to live up to both of my fabulous titles with passion and sweetness, just like bees!

When asked why I am so enthralled with these little, buzzy, winged pollinators, I’ve always answered ‘I just feel/hear their song as music to my soul…’

My affection for these winged marvels inspired me to create Bee Cause…! on my blog. At Le Voov! we will keep you abreast of the fabulous botanical options, research, and developments supporting our local pollinators. Brian and I took bee-keeping (apiary) classes with the hopes of putting forth our best effort to support the dwindling honeybee population in the world. Unfortunately, we discovered that our rescue dog Otter-Pop likes to eat flies, bees, an occasional, unsuspecting wasp, butterflies and dragonflies as if they were simple window candy.  So, we may need to rethink our hives for the time being…. Please stay tuned!!!

With the heavy rains early in 2016, spring came a bit early to Northern California this year. We had heavy, wild, idiot-winds, we had a deluge of rains, but then, sadly, it all stopped and we are now back in drought-mode for the 5th year in a row. This means we return to Navy-style showers, no flushing unless there is a ‘Tootsie-Roll’ in the bowl, and abandoning our brand-new, beautiful washer & dryer for the coin laundry again for the next 6-months. Yuck!


Enjoy More Bee Cause Here!

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