Dear Matilda

Dear Matilda

Beautiful Girl

Dear Matilda,

I am a 14-year old girl with terrible acne. I’ve tried all the products at the store and nothing works. My face has red, puffy volcanoes all over it! Is there anything you know of that can help me? Please!!!!

– Zitted-out & feeling awful




Dear Beautiful Girl,

Thank you for writing to me with your facial issues. Puberty can feel like such a betrayal of the body, yes? Hormones are awakening within the body and mind, and it’s truly quite overwhelming at times. I recall my face looking like a constellation in the northern sky when I was about your age. My dear Mum had a few farmhouse remedies from the old country I’d be happy to share with you. We’ll have you radiant and clear-faced in no time my dear, no worries.

First, cleanliness is honestly right there with godliness. Soap is your best friend! Wash your hands often and keep them away from your face. Also, be sure to wash your pillowcase at least once a week and turn it over to the fresh side half way through the week.

On the topic of soap, find a clear bar of glycerin soap and use it every morning when you rise and every evening before bed. Follow each washing with a bit of organic cider vinegar as a toner to kill off any bacteria or infection. Then apply a light, oil-free facial moisturizer to keep your beautiful, youthful glow about you.

Second, hydration plays a key role in our fabulous beauty routine sweet petunias. I recommend at least 8 – 10 large glasses (pint size or larger) throughout the day. (My sage advice, drink the majority in the early hours of the day to avoid being up several times weeing during the night luv.)

Which brings me to my next point, SLEEP! Your body and brain are growing like the fields of summer right now. Allow yourself at least 10-hours/night of uninterrupted sleep. Trust me darlin’, you need it desperately. It might also assist you with those nasty, hormonal mood swings. Just a thought. ?

Fourth, embrace good, clean food. Load up on fresh fruit and veggies, and leave out the ‘empty’ (crap) food. Honestly, it rakes havoc on both your mind and body, and let’s face it, puberty is already confusing enough, isn’t it?

A final note from one fabulous beauty queen to another, NO PICKING! Let that gorgeous face of yours heal and keep your hands away from it!

So, there you have it lovely one, my very best advice for rediscovering your beautiful self. Please know this rough time will pass quickly, though at times it may feel like your trying to water ski across quicksand without a boat. Hang in there my dear, you’re doing great!

Cheers!  :)

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