Bee Cause…! July ?

Flower Piano FF

Bee Cause…! July ?

San Francisco Botanical Garden Flower Piano’

The San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park is in full bloom this summer with pollinators going wild! Look at this fabulous honeybee gathering pollen from a huge Matillija Poppy. Her little pollen purses are just teaming with food for her hive-mates.

We attended the annual ‘Flower Piano’ event this month. During our visit, strolling through the 55-acre San Francisco gem in Golden Gate Park, we saw over 5 different species of hummingbirds, fury bumble bees, honeybees, wild bees, along with numerous species of butterflies, not to mention a huge variety of botanical wonders from all over the world.

While wandering through the gardens I heard the familiar hum of a hive emanating from the center of a huge shade tree.  As I walked towards the tree, I could feel the excitement of a wild bee hive permeating the air. What was amazing to me, was with all the thousands of people attending this wonderful event at the gardens, it would seem no one else in the vicinity had even noticed the liveliness of hundreds of bees coming and going from the large crack in the side of that big tree.

Ever since I was a child I have held an untamed fascinated with bees. As a little kid, I had the unfortunate genetics for an allergic reaction to bee stings.  At the bright age of five, I decided to apply catholic school-yard rationale to my negative ‘issues’ with bees. So, one sunny morning during the summer, I went out into the backyard of my parent’s home and embarked on a no-nonsense-approach to making my peace with bees forever.

Subsequently, in the following days, I was stung by justifiably terrified bees on 3-separate occasions. Each sting directly on the palm of my left hand. Upon the third trip to our pediatrician’s office, my Mother asked me why I thought I was getting stung so many times in the last week on my little palm…? I answered her in my ‘big-girl-voice’ and announced that I just loved bees and no longer wished to be allergic to them! ? ?

After the words left my mouth, my Mother began to laugh so uncontrollably that she was forced to pullover our metallic blue Ford ‘Country Squire’ because she literally was blinded by tears of laughter. It was on that day she bestowed upon me the title of  both ‘Beecharmer’ and ‘Queen-Bee-of-the-Universe’.

Apparently, those words were quite impactful because to this day I make it a point to live up to both of my fabulous titles with passion and sweetness, just like bees!

When asked why I am so enthralled with these little, buzzy, winged pollinators, I’ve always answered ‘I just feel/hear their song as music to my soul…’

As a fifth generation San Franciscan, I am so proud our city has maintained such a lovely collection of plants from around the globe. If you haven’t been to the San Francisco Botanical Garden lately, you’re most certainly due for a visit! ? ? ?


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