Bee Cause…! April ?

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Bee Cause…! April ?

We visited the Gallery of California Natural Sciences in Oakland to see the Honeybee exhibit and learned about the 1,600 species of bees that live in California. Bees help produce our food and keep our ecosystem buzzing. There are many things we can all do to better support our local pollinators. It begins with creating a healthy and reliable food source for them, free of dangerous pesticides. Many people are unaware of the devastating effects systemic fertilizers, RoundUp, and neonicotinoids have on our wonderful pollinator communities. These chemicals contaminate the pollen and nectar bees feed upon, which in turn wipes out entire colonies.

Miracle Gro/Ortho announced last week they will begin phasing out some of the dangerous chemicals proven to be negatively impacting the pollinator populations. Yay, this is progress!  ???

Bees need biodiversity to thrive. Having many different plants blooming throughout the year will ensure a steady food source for the hive. Our datura (Angel’s Trumpet), daphne, daisies, foxglove, camellia and azaleas keep our resident bees busy during the winter months. Please come back to learn more about bees soon!

Until then, bee well!  ?


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