Bee Cause…! February ?

Bee Cause Feb. 2017 FF

Bee Cause…! February ?

Rainy Day Bees!

Northern California has been a very wet, soggy place this winter. However, we are loving all the rain since our region has been in a severe drought for the last 5-years. ☔️

The winter months pose a tough time for honeybees due to the impact of cold & rain on foraging and the availability of pollen. During a break from a recent rainy deluge, I came across this busy bee gathering pollen for her hive mates. Working with great vigilance, she moved from flower to flower on our Camellia bush. If you look closely, you can see the rain drops on the top of the petals… ?

On another day, after a five day downpour, I decided to literally seize the moment to head out with our dog Otter-Pop to get a wee bit of exercise in the canyon behind our home. ??

Along the trail we noticed a large rosemary bush, blooming in all its glory with bright periwinkle blue flowers. As we got closer, we heard the familiar warm buzz of dozens of little honeybees, busily gathering food & water for their sisters back at the hive. They moved quickly, methodically filling their tiny pollen purses before returning back home.

Rosemary is a wonderful source of year-around food for all our local pollinators!


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