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  • Dear Matilda

    Beautiful Girl

    Dear Matilda,

    I am a 14-year old girl with terrible acne. I’ve tried all the products at the store and nothing works. My face has red, puffy volcanoes all over it! Is there anything you know of that can help me? Please!!!!

    – Zitted-out & feeling awful



    Dear Beautiful Girl,

    Thank you for writing to me with your facial issues. Puberty can feel like such a betrayal of the body, yes? Hormones are awakening within the body and mind, and it’s truly quite overwhelming at times. I recall my face looking like a constellation in the northern sky when I was about your age. My dear Mum had a few farmhouse remedies from the old country I’d be happy to share with you. We’ll have you radiant and clear-faced in no time my dear, no worries.

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  • Bulbs 8 May 20152 E1434494905920

    Le Voov! Garden – Planting Bulbs With Otter!

    Otter-Pop the dog really enjoys the flowers of springtime, particularly the Daffodils and Narcissus. With the lack of winter temperatures or rain due to California’s forth year of severe drought, planting season came earlier than usual this year. So, I picked up a bag of 50-bulbs for Otter-Pop to decorate throughout the garden.

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