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Le Voov! represents my passion for life. I believe clean air, purified water, sunshine, fresh flowers, wine, garlic, music, and laughter with family and friends all nourish the soul. Creating and enjoying delicious, healthy meals with those I love brings me an immense amount of happiness. Good nutrition is at the core of my belief that with a strong foundation of health and wellness, one can achieve anything they desire in life. As my wise sensei always said; “One cannot project what is not collected…”

For as long as I can remember, health and nutrition have been of keen interest to me. I was fortunate to be introduced to these basic concepts by my parents. From incredible nightly family dinners, to year-round organic gardening, making fruit preserves and baking together, to enjoying wild game seasonally, my parents passed along the healthy habits their parents taught them.

I have sought to weave these concepts of healthy living and my love of good, clean food into every aspect of my life. Prior to entering the nutrition field, I explored several careers including working with endangered species in the steamy jungles of Micronesia and Indonesia, catering and personal chef work, and even dabbled in the world of fashion and modeling for a stint of time.


My Le Voov! Team

My fabulous husband Brian is my official Le Voov! food taster, photographer, and fellow explorer, as well as my best friend. We share many mutual interests including international cuisine, earth science, world travel, percussion, rowing crew, nature, SCUBA diving, culture, music, laughter, the Arts, fitness and hot chili peppers!

Over the years, Brian’s input and expertise as a fellow foodie has contributed greatly to the depth and expansion of my culinary exploration. He has also been my very best cheerleader in supporting my desire to creatively express my passion for healthy living through this blog.

When I met the man of my dreams, he arrived with a gloriously curious 3-year old toddler in tow. When we decided to create a lifetime together, I brought one surly Maine Coon cat named ‘Chaz’ (my first born!) with me as my contribution to the family. Then, a few years ago, we expanded the family by adopting our amazingly sweet dog Otter-Pop to complete the clan. Together we make up Team Sunkel.

We look forward to sharing our thoughts, recipes and wild adventures with you!


Le Voov! Partners

In an effort to keep our site clean and easy to read, Le Voov! accepts a very limited number of advertisements. Occasionally we create sponsored posts for brands that meet our Voovacious qualifications. We have carefully selected companies and products that align with the integrity, quality and the healthy focus of our site.

Please note, our personal recommendations in the Le Voov! Product Reviews and Restaurant Reviews are honest and unsolicited by the companies we feature, as are the products presented for purchase in our Amazon Store. By accessing the links on our site to make your purchases, we are able to maintain this blog. (Even if you access Le Voov! to buy an item from Amazon.com that is not from our list of personal recommendations, you are helping to keep our blog running. Thank you for your continued support!)

Links for our featured products can be found at our LeVoov! Product Review/Store!


The Voovacious Sisters…!  ?

(aka: Sweet Potato Queens, Ya Ya’s, conspirators in silliness, excavators of high school memories, dawn-crawling-amazingly-fun-Women Of Sparta-with a rowing problem, best, most incredibly Voovacious women I’ve ever had the privilege to know, and fellow creative disorder brain-cell-mates…. ?)

Occasionally, I will mention some of my Voovacious gal-pals in my blog. I fondly refer to them as ‘Sisters’ and will designate their royal honor with an asterisk (*) next to their name so you know they are super special to me.

Sooooo, there you have it, ‘Full Disclosure’… Teee,hee,hee….!     😉

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