Bee Cause…! January ?

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Bee Cause…! January ?

Winter Bee Food

Yesterday after the rain stopped, I ventured through the garden to document the blooming plants producing food for our local & migratory pollinators. I photo document this seasonal bloom-cycle twice a month throughout the year to make sure our little nectar-loving friends are always ensured a veritable smorgasbord in our garden.

The hummingbirds were floating on the breeze, stopping at every flower like teenagers at their first kegger party. ? Meanwhile the honeybees were methodically making their way into the deep, cavernous foyer of the colorful foxgloves and nasturtiums. ? ? ?


First Bumblebee Of The Season In Our Garden!

The most notable event of the day was the confirmation of a bumblebee nest in the ground of the northern garden area! Hooray, the gregarious, fuzzy, black winged B-52 bombers, with their sweet little yellow stoles wrapped around their shoulders created their home in our yard. What an absolute honor!

Yesterday, along with the sunshine came the very first bumblebee sighting in our garden. Yahoooo, they’re back! Well over 90% of the bumblebee population will not survive the winter, so this fury gal must be a strong one…


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