Dear Matilda

Dear Matilda


Dear Matilda,

Any idea how to clear a clogged drain without using harsh chemicals? I’m in a real pickle right now.

– Hairballs



Dear Hairballs,

I appreciate your desire to find a solution that isn’t going to harm the environment or corrode your household plumbing. So, let’s approach this as women in my Grandmother’s era managed their own ‘lady plumbing’, with a wee bit of vinegar…

Side Note: I always like to set about tasks of this nature with an understated tiara and rhinestone studded motorcycle goggles just for fun. Perhaps even a jazzy pair of stylish elbow-high rubber gloves to complete the ensemble? Just a thought my dear…

Once you’ve covered the basics of fashion, put ½ cup of baking soda as far down the drain as possible, and slowly pour vinegar directly into the drain to activate the baking soda. (I prefer white vinegar, but any vinegar will do in a pinch.)

The chemical response of the two ingredients mingling is even more fun than throwing Mentos into a liter bottle of cola, swear! The hissing, foaming bubbles break up the clog and scrub your pipes clean as a whistle. At my family farmhouse we used this method once a week to maintain the old plumbing and it worked wonders. Best of luck!


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