Monthly Archive for: ‘June, 2017’

  • Rasp Mojito

    Raspberry Mojito-Squadeeto

    The classic mojito came to us courtesy of Havana, Cuba. Now that the U.S and Cuba are on friendlier terms, perhaps we’ll need to take a Le Voov! adventure to visit our neighbors 90-miles off the Florida Keys….. Stay tuned!

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  • Dear Matilda

    Oh Deer!

    Dear Matilda,

    We recently installed an 8ft. deer fence around our back yard with the hopes of growing a beautiful picking garden that would not become a gourmet salad bar for our lovely local deer population. Unfortunately, the gate was left open, and now I have two female deer that refuse to leave my gated yard.

    I don’t want to hurt them, I just want them gone, immediately if not sooner. Any advice…?


    Oh My Deer,

    My very first thought was a cross bow, though you kindly stated your lack of interest in venison sausages. (Rats!) So, I’ll share with you a little trick I learned on the family dairy farm when the cows would raid Mum’s garden.

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