Le Voov! Garden – Planting Bulbs With Otter!

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Le Voov! Garden – Planting Bulbs With Otter!

Otter-Pop the dog really enjoys the flowers of springtime, particularly the Daffodils and Narcissus. With the lack of winter temperatures or rain due to California’s forth years of severe drought, planting season came earlier than usual this year. So, I picked up a bag of 50-bulbs for Otter to decorate throughout the garden.

In an effort to maximize the blooms, back in January we placed the bag in the refrigerator for 3-weeks prior to planting. Once the bulbs had experienced their ‘faux winter’, Otter-Pop and I put them all in a large bucket of water overnight to hydrate before planting.

The next morning we decided upon a few fun pots to plant. Whether you pick a shallow pot like Otter-Pop chose or a hand decorated, deeper pot, once the bulbs begin to bloom, it’s sure to be Voovacious!

We filled the bottom of the pot with recycled wine corks and rocks to ensure proper drainage so the bulbs wouldn’t rot. The next layer was a small redwood bark to retain moisture and air circulation, followed by a layer of dark, rich potting soil. To feed the bulbs as they begin to come out of hibernation, we sprinkled the surface of the potting soil with blood & bone meal before adding the bulbs. Then covered them with more potting soil to protect them as they begin their Voovacious annual journey from a dormant bulb to a gorgeous spray of color in the garden!

We decided to place our bulbs closer together than recommended to get a more dense, dramatic splash of blooming flowers.

Otter-Pop has taken a great interest in minding her baby bulbs. She visits them every morning and makes sure their every need is met. I frequently find her sitting next to the bulb pot singing softly to her botanical brood…

Alas, the spring parade of Daffodils and Narcissus has finally arrived! Otter-Pop couldn’t be more proud of her springtime bloom. Even the bees are going nuts! Happy spring to all our Voovacious friends!!!!!

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