Le Voov! Product Review: HIC Eggsact Egg Timer

HIC Eggsact Egg Timer

Le Voov! Product Review: HIC Eggsact Egg Timer

This little handy device makes for perfectly cooked eggs. I just place the Eggsact Egg Timer in the pot with the eggs and wait for it to change color from red to purple-black. The color changes slowly from the outer rim towards the center as the eggs cook, indicating soft, medium or hard-boiled for perfectly cooked eggs every time!

My sweet friend *Kathy turned me on to this little gem a few years back after I complained about a batch of poorly cooked hard-boiled eggs I had cooked. Kathy is a constant and inspirational source of Voovacious wackiness, so you can plan to hear much more about her and our adventures throughout this blog. Please see my About page for details regarding *The Sisters.

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