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  • LV Chez Panisse FF

    Le Voov! Chez Panisse – Black Truffle Event ? ? ?

    Le Voov! Local Culinary Adventure – January 2015

    I am very fortunate to be married to an incredibly thoughtful man. Early last winter (late January 2014), I told Brian that someday I wanted to attend Alice Waters’ Black Truffle Dinner Event at her world famous restaurant Chez Penisse in Berkeley, California. Well, guess what? Eleven months later, I received an invitation to attend the 2015 event from my amazing hus-Bee. He remembered!

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  • IMG 4934 E1466867921438

    Guess Where I Am…? ?

    We snapped this picture just off the side of Highway 29 while visiting the Napa Valley wine country in Northern California. The mustard flowers were in full bloom while the grapes were still dormant. Stay tuned for another fabulous Napa Valley tour coming this autumn! ? […]

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  • Pi Day 2016 Feature Photo

    French Wild Berry Pie ?

    Happy Pi Day To All! March 14th is Pi Day, an annual international celebration designated to honor the mathematical constant of Pi (Greek letter “π”), as well as Albert Einstein’s birthday. As many of you know, Pi is a never-ending number (3.14159) that that can […]

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  • LV Whiskey FF

    Apricot Whiskey Smash ?

    I experienced my first Whiskey Smash while visiting my fabulous ‘sista’ *Margi in New Orleans. (Please see my About page for details regarding *The Sisters) Having grown up in ‘wine country’ (Northern California), I was not well acquainted with the various spirits such as Kentucky […]

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  • Detox Smoothie June 2016

    Papaya & Lime Detox Smoothie

    With the heat of summer creeping in, I enjoy chilling down after my workout with a fruity, refreshing smoothie. The papaya, mango, banana and lime all contain phyto-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. This smoothie is packed with vitamins A, B’s and C, which are great for clearing free radicals and lactic acid out of the muscles after a workout. The cucumber, aloe and coconut water have needed electorates and aid in a healthy digestive track. With all these vitamin-packed ingredients blended together, you get a high fiber, anti-inflammatory, immuno-boosting smoothie that will make you feel like a million bucks!

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  • LV GWIA June 17 2016

    Guess Where I Am…? ?

    On a recent trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we were mesmerized by the massive jellyfish exhibit. Watching the colorful cast of gelatinous characters undulate before us was such a peaceful, relaxing experience. The music from Disney’s Fantasia danced through my head as we observed their graceful movement. I also kept thinking that this would be wonderful place to hang a hammock and take a nap! But, alas, the tens-of-thousands of other aquarium guests may not have appreciated my wish for a peaceful siesta, and perhaps would have disturbed my slumber…. ?????? ?

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  • OtterFP2

    Otter-Pop’s Squeaky-Ball Drama… ? ?

    You know something is desperately wrong when your 70-lbs. Chocolate Labrador/German Shorthaired Pointer pup climbs into your unsuspecting lap and gives you this look. Something truly dreadful has happened and they need your help. NOW!!!

    During a recent construction project at the house, an abandoned heater vent was discovered tucked deep under the lath & plaster. Apparently no one had bothered to inform the dog about this new gaping whole in the wall, and just guess what happened…?

    Yep, Otter-Pop’s favorite and most cherished toy, her obnoxious yellow squeaky-ball, found it’s way down into that naughty hole in the wall. Rats! ?

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  • IMG 3933 E1466179677541

    Guess Where I Am…? ?

    Answer: We snapped this picture at Disneyland, Anaheim CA during the evening World of Color Light Show, set to the timeless tunes of classic Disney. This spectacular event was followed by an amazing blaze of fireworks bursting in the sky above us. What a fun […]

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  • LV Blog Domain Carneros Layout FF

    Travel & Adventure – Domaine Carneros By Taittenger

    We had a few beautiful days to spend in Napa during the month of January. Our inspiration you ask? Seventy degree weather in the middle of winter! Frequently I forget that Napa Valley is just over an hours drive from the San Francisco Peninsula (approx. 70-miles). So, my partner in crime and I packed a small overnight bag and headed to the wine country!

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  • GWIA...6 3 16

    Guess Where I Am…? ?

    This photograph was taken from our bed at dawn from the Arenal Observatory Lodge, Smithsonian room, in Costa Rica. We had arrived the night before in darkness, under a sky filled with massive lightning and bomb-like thunder. The road was flooded and when we finally arrived, we fell into a deep slumber with the sound of the rain dancing on the floor to ceiling windows. This was our very first visual of the Arenal Volcano. What a glorious way to awaken from a night of magnificent tropical dreams…

    We plan upon touring Costa Rica again and will provide a detailed account of our wild fun and adventures. Stay tuned…! ✈️ ? ?

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