Guess Where I Am…? ?

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Guess Where I Am…? ?

Photo courtesy of the fabulous photographer *Karen Gheno. Please see my
About page for details regarding *The Sisters.

San Francisco Bay, California, USA. The photo of the Stämpfli Express was taken by one of my talented masters rowing teammates Karen Gheno last December. I’m in the #7 seat from the bow (back/left side) of the boat!

This 24-person boat is currently touring the U.S. from Switzerland. Our rowing club, Bair Island Aquatic Club (BIAC) is one of only three clubs in California to had the privilege of rowing this masterpiece of Swiss engineering. The Stämpfli Express, built in 2001, accommodates 24 scullers, with 48 oars, as well as a coxswain to direct the 44 meter (144ft.), 420 kilogram racing shell. That’s the length of a full-grown Blue Whale and it’s baby calf!!!

We had the incredible opportunity to bring this behemoth up to racing speed on the calm waters of the S.F. Bay, as the rosy fingers of dawn greeted the horizon. Wow, what a treat!
Thank you to all who made this dream come true!!!!! ?? ?? ??
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